My students' publications:

Taylor Reid, K., Trofimovich, P., & O’Brien, M. (2019). Social attitudes and speech ratings: Effects of positive and negative bias on multiage listeners’ judgments of second language speech. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 41, 419-442.
Strachan, L., Kennedy, S., & Trofimovich, P. (2019). Second language speakers’ awareness of their own comprehensibility: Examining task repetition and self-assessment. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation. Published online 14 March 2019.
Strachan, L., & Trofimovich, P. (2019). Now you hear it, now you don’t: Perception of English regular past –ed in naturalistic input. Canadian Modern Language Review, 75, 84-104.
Crowther, D., Trofimovich, P., Isaacs, T., & Saito, K. (2018). Linguistic dimensions of L2 accentedness and comprehensibility vary across speaking tasks. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 40, 443–457.
Appel, R., Trofimovich, P., Saito, K., Isaacs, T., & Webb, S. (2019). Lexical aspects of comprehensibility and nativeness from the perspective of native-speaking English raters. ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 170, 24–52.
Cerreta, S., & Trofimovich, P. (2018). Engaging the senses: A sensory-based approach for L2 pronunciation instruction to actors. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, 4, 46–72.

My students

PhD Thesis projects

Oguzhan Tekin (PhD/Applied Linguistics, in progress).

Rachael Lindberg (PhD/Applied Linguistics, in progress).

Aki Tsunemoto (PhD/Applied Linguistics, in progress).

Kym Taylor Reid (PhD/Applied Linguistics, in progress).

Lauren Strachan (PhD/Applied Linguistics, in progress).

Annie Bergeron (PhD/Applied Linguistics, in progress).

Randy Appel (PhD/Applied Linguistics, 2016), co-supervised with Kim McDonough.

Jennifer Foote (PhD/Applied Linguistics, 2015). Pronunciation pedagogy and speech perception: Three studies.

MA Thesis projects

Rachael Lindberg (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2019). L2 learners’ attitudes towards French varieties: The roles of learning experiences and social network.

Lia Radu (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2018). Student attitudes towards nonnative ESL teachers in Quebec.

Lauren Strachan (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2016). MA thesis: Now you hear it, now you don’t: L1 and L2 perception of regular past –ed in naturalistic input.

Kym Taylor (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2016). The kindergarten effect: Exploring the influence of communities of practice on adult l2 willingness to communicate.

Jordan Clark (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2016). Teaching L2 vocabulary with student- and teacher-generated gestures: A classroom perspective.

Suzanne Cerreta (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2016). Engaging the senses: A new approach to L2 pronunciation for actors.

Dustin Crowther (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2014). MA thesis: Second language comprehensibility revisited: Investigating the effects of learner background.

Ricole Liu (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2012; co-supervised with Laura Collins). A longitudinal investigation of vocabulary learning in an intensive ESL classroom.

Derek Theriault (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2010). MA thesis: The use of pictures in L2 vocabulary learning: Measuring the processing of forms and meanings.

Nicholas Walker (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2009; co-supervised with Henrietta Cedergren, Université du Québec à Montréal). MA thesis: The development and feasibility of a speech recognition-enabled virtual patient for training francophone nurses to conduct medical history interviews in English.

Sara Downs (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2009). MA thesis: Beneficial repetition: A study of syntactic priming in ESL learners.

Candace Farris (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2007). MA thesis: The effects of message length, L2 proficiency and cognitive workload on performance accuracy and speech production in a simulated pilot navigation task.

Nootan Kumar (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2005; co-supervised with Elizabeth Gatbonton). MA thesis: The relationship between heritage language fluency loss and the cultural value of filial duty: An Indo-Canadian Hindu perspective.

Other projects

Mélanie Barrière (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2009). Project: The acquisition of the English voiced interdental fricative by francophone learners of English.

Stéphanie Magny (MA/Applied Linguistics, 2008). Project: Auditory word priming and second language vocabulary learning.

Talia Isaacs (McGill, PhD in Second Language Education, 2010). Project: Music ability and learning second language pronunciation.

Paul John (UQÀM, Ph.D. in Linguistics, 2014). Project: Investigating the structure of second language lexicon.

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